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Myles Pilling

Specialist SEND ICT Consultant

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“Thank you so much for taking the time to see N.P and writing the report, I think this is going to be fantastic and I’m really impressed with the service you provide, it is very evident that you really know your technology you really have the service users best interests at heart”

– Manager, Residential Home for People with Complex Needs,

AccessAbility Solutions offers a specialist SEN&D ICT service to meet your needs. Our aim is to offer a range of packages to support schools , settings and individuals in the core work of:-

Assessing access for complex needs

Assessing access for learning needs

Training to ensure the solutions offered are….

Embedded and working for the individual

Assessment and advice to parents

Conference Speaking & other ICT SEN&D event

Do you have a pupil or person you have difficulty with finding a recording or communication or leisure solution for? AccessAbility Solutions believes that the child/client is the centre of any intervention. AAS believes that if progress is to be made a realistic and consistent solution is essential. AAS works in partnership with the school, the setting, the parents and the professional to get that realistic and consistent approach. AAS takes the long view and will support you, your child/client and the team supporting the child to get there!

Myles Pilling , Specialist SEN&D ICT consultant for AccessAbility has over 30 years experience of working with severe and complex needs pupils.Myles worked for Wiltshire Council for 10 years as an ICT SEN consultant with the Specialist SEN Service ( SSENS) team.

Each pupil/client is unique and requires a bespoke solution tailored to their individual needs. Myles provides a friendly and professional service using the latest technologies from PC to iPads and other technologies.

Each pupil/client is the centre of our recommendations and ongoing support is key to making progress and sustaining development. So we do take the long view! This is important unique selling point in a world of constant change in terms of personel how can long term relationships be maintained and detailed knowledge that informs practise be done?

Our aim is not competition but complimentary approaches .AccessAbility Solutions love to work with a wide variety of professionals from health to LA to teachers and charitable agencies. Our aim is to give the best ICT solution for our clients.

Please contact via here and we will be in touch to discuss what your exact requirements are and our pricing structure. You could also request a free 1:1 video consultation.

You can also find out more about Myles @ linkedin & plaxo

View Myles Pilling, MA, BA, PGCE,’s profile on LinkedIn

View Myles Pilling, MA, BA, PGCE,'s profile on LinkedIn



Myles works with “Brighter-Futures” – a non-profit making , social enterprise scheme which operates a training programme

Myles is also working with InspireAway – a problem-solving and professional development training consultancy

Myles works with the Tablet Academy( formerly the iPadAcademy) – training in teaching and learning using tablets of all kinds!

Myles also runs a set of blogs that cover the following areas:-

http://senitnuggets.wordpress.com  – up to date information on technologies that can help meet needs.

http://senapps.wordpress.com  – apps for sen that covers iPad and Apple Products

http://www.facebook.com/Senapps – social network presence for iPad and Apple Products and soon Windows and Android Apps.

Twitter: @mylespilling @AccessAbility4u

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