AccessAbility Solutions provide a range of training solutions. Our main packages are for schools & local authorities but we also work with other organisations and companies as well as individuals. AAS are qualified and experienced in the area of:-

  • Assessment – individual needs requiring  SEND ICT solutions
  • Training – staff in schools and other settings such as residential and local authority
  • Consultancy – on SEND ICT strategy
  • Teaching – pupils in the use of mobile technologies and their effective use
  • Case Management Work with individual complex needs children

Take a look at these packages we offer which can be tailored-made to suit your requirements in a cost-effective way

School Support-primary,secondary, special school assessent ,monitoring and training packages
Local Authority Support – keeping your Special Educational Needs team up to date with the latest ICT SEN

Speaking ICT SEN – talks and courses on ICT SEN that will benefit your staff team

NAACE PDE Courses – tutoring with NAACE on the new “Computing ” curriculum
To deliver our training at AccessAbility Solutions we will using the latest technologies to deliver to you at cost effective prices

Look out for our webinairs and online training as well, which saves you money!

You could request a free 1:1 consultation/helpline via a video link if you prefer. Please use the contact form to request one – in the message area write ” video consultation”

Working with Brighter Futures at Three Ways School, Bath courses are available that consider the pedagogy and impact of new technologies . All are available at modest costs. For a list of current courses go to :-

Tablet Academy is  another collaboration AAS is engaging with. They are one of the foremost providers of ipad training in the UK and are developing a broader trainer base and we at AAS are happy to be a part of that as one of their ICT SEN trainers in the use of mobile technologies. Projects are being run in Brighton on behalf of Fonthill Foundation with Tablet Academy.

For the Residential Setting

AccessAbility Solutions work in residential and care home settings for people with learning disabilities and complex needs. We provide assessment towards purchasing switch access or IT solutions to meet leisure needs. This may require a degree of environmental control but this is not our expertise so would signpost more complicated solutions to other companies. Please contact us as our rates are very competitive and our service places the user at the heart of the solution.

For the workplace

“Do you or your business need to make “reasonable adjustments” to meet the needs of employees?”

” Do you have additional needs like Dyslexia, Repetitive Strain Injury or Physical Disability that requires alternative ways to access a computer?”

Then AccessAbility Solutions can help you!

Advice on the latest technologies
Individual IT functional assessment
Matching reasonable adjustment to the needs of YOUR company
AccessAbility Solutions also works with InspireAway to provide courses available for your staff and company on diversity and equal opportunities, The courses can be designed to meet the needs of your organisation. This isn’t just for ICT skills but for a more broader understanding of such legislation as the Mental Capacity Act, Disability Act and the Equal Opportunities Act . You will be helped in finding ways to ensure that the needs of people with disabilities can be met within the workplace. This would help your workplace to be more inclusive for all. Here are a few suggestions for access and inclusion you may not have considered

RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury/ Muscular Dystrophies – Speech recognition technologies provide a pain free solution in the workspace and are very accurate for adults. For children this will require more detailed assessment and trialling to assess suitability

Alternatives to the mouse inputs – there are range of different devices that can be used instead of the traditional mouse shape to access the computer.

Alternative Keyboards – keyboards for the visually impaired which have larger keys to onscreen keyboards :-

Some of these keyboards are free to use . The point is are you aware of the accessibilty options open to you?

Alternative devices – such as the iPad, TabletPc and Android equivalents. Matching the correct solution to the individual user is the role of Myles Pilling, Specialist ICT SEN Consultant. This would be a consultancy role AccessAbility Solutions can perform with your organisation, company, setting. Contact:

Other aspects are more about the approaches made to people with learning disabilities. Based on current good practice that will empower all staff to have a positive view to disability in order to “make reasonable adjustments” and consider the needs of the individual with a disability in a 360 degree way our training will ensure that your company and staff meet the requirements of current legislation .

Contact: Sharon Firth at InspireAway –