Research Day with NAACE at College for School Leaders, Nottingham – 6th November

Attending as part of my NAACE membership this day proved useful in view of my recent research study on The Dyslexia App Project. MirandaNet is willing to publish an article about it whilst the academic article.

​The 3rd Millenium Award has shown that great schools have several characteristics the main one being high levels of pupil engagement. Do you think your school would benefit from this by applying to roger broadie at NAACE for a logon to their free website which helps you find out where your school lies in becoming great too!

He can provision you  to use the tools that will help you to find that out.  The website is:-

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Myles is a Specialist SEN&D ICT Consultant working for AccessAbility Solutions, a consultancy company working primarily in the field of education

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